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We provide a one-stop solution to all of the problems related to mobile. Be it mobile repairing or parts replacement, unlocking or selling, purchasing of new gadgets and accessories, icellstore is your final destination. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and returning customers is proof that our services are up to the mark.

Services We Offer

Mobile Selling

Now you can sell your mobile conveniently. Just send us details of your mobile with images or bring it to our store and our team shall be glad to purchase your mobile at a market competitive price.

Be it used iPhone or iPad, Samsung or Huawei, you can sell these to us without any hesitation. Our Quality assurance team makes sure that the mobile being sold is technically sound, with no fault whatsoever. So you can relax when selling your used mobile. Mobiles with minor faults (Battery issue, buttons not working, speaker/mic issue, charger port issue) are also dealt with minor price adjustments depending on fault nature.

Mobile Repairing

Mobile Repairing was never so easy. Just give us a call and our expert shall respond with their guidelines as well as the best possible way to repair your mobile with minimum costs involved.

We have the expertise of repairing mobiles of all companies including Apple (iPhone and iPad), Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Google, Huawei, Motorolla, Oppo, etc. Our experts are experienced in repairing the mobile phones and we ensure the use of Grade A parts while replacing any part of your mobile to ensure its durability and long life after repair.

Mobile Unlocking

Freedom of using any available network on your mobile is a bliss. We provide mobile unlocking service with the assurance of this freedom.

Now you can use any network and forget about being stuck with only one network. Once unlocked, your mobile shall be compatible with all networks countrywide as well as globally. It is recommended that before traveling to other countries, you should get your mobile unlocked so that you can enjoy local networks on your existing mobile. Hire our services to get the freedom of choice.

Mobile Buying

If you are purchasing a used phone, then you are in right place. Check remarks of our experts before deciding to purchase the used mobile as our experts share their opinion after checking all mobiles.

Our store offers used mobiles with the assurance of their quality as well as new mobiles of all major companies. You can purchase the mobile according to your needs and budget. If you are confused then just visit our store and our sales team shall assist you in deciding the best available option for you to fulfill all your needs.

Mobile Accessories

High-Quality accessories from reliable companies are available for your mobile. We have variety as well as quality when it comes to accessories.

Accessories including mobile headphones, Bluetooth headset, wireless charges, power adapter, USB cables and speakers, mobile covers and selfie sticks, camera gadgets, and smartwatches are available with a wide variety as well as the assurance of durability. If you don’t find your required accessory, just drop us a message and we shall be glad to help you out.

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